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Black Books

This is why I miss Black Books:

Bernard: It's all waffle! Nobody is prepared to admit that wine doesn't have a taste.
Manny: Of course you can't taste anything, you smoke eighty bajillion cigarettes a day. What's that you're eating?
Bernard: It's some sort of delicious biscuit.
Manny: It's a coaster!



I have a song of the week always, but whilst browsing Myspace, I came across Katie Jane Garside's sister's (Maple Bee) side project, Huski. I found Undatow, which I can only describe sounds like Kylie Minogue's Confide In Me, but done infinitely better. It really appeals to my ambient/electroclash side!


I'm not a massive fan of James Sutton, the artwork for 'The Butcher & The Butterfly' wasn't as good as 'Taxidermy', but I think the Oriental-cityscape he's created in this video is just brilliant & suits the song perfectly.


Worlds Apart

I am very unimpressed.


I'm going there in just over two weeks! These people need to sort themselves out, even if it's just for my sanity.

Ruby Throat

Another sideproject for Miss Garside! http://www.myspace.com/katiejanegarsiderubythroat Though call me stupid, but I'm sure I should know the name Chris Whittingham, but I can't think who the hell it is. 'House of Thieves' is quiet, which I'm not used to at the moment, but her voice is so fragile again, she does do quiet songs in such a delicate way.

& Queen Adreena are playing at Koko on 23rd September! Goodbye split rumours (well, for now at least).


For all those who need inspiration:


Have succumbed.

I have succumbed & ordered Emilie Autumn's Opheliac. Delicious.

I am your sugar, I am your cream.

I should be doing my online TEFL course, but Emilie Autumn's Myspace page is just proving too distracting. Can't stop listening to Let The Record Show. I'm really hoping I'll still be around to obtain the album somehow when it comes out......

I hate grammar, especially prepositions.


Harrowdown Hill

This song at the moment genuinely creeps me out, I can appreciate why Thom Yorke was angry, no one deserves to die like that, especially when you're just telling the truth.

Harrowdown HillCollapse )

What a waste....


Pay for it.

You know, even though I have very little money at the moment & I should be saving, I'm still buying music.

Oh well, I've been listening to Shut Me Up for ages, so I guess the next logical progression was You'll Rebel To Anything. (It somewhat pleases me that I can still find bands like Mindless Self Indulgence tickling my morbid humour no end.)
"For me", Matt says, "Muse is about getting the hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations out of your system that you wouldn't normally be able to do. It's about showing people that there are things inside buried that should be exposed, and having no shame about them. We can communicate no matter the environment."

- Matt Bellamy, Muse

I think that's quite a good quote.